Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 325: Is This Heaven?

Many of us contemplate the afterlife. We have been sold the notion that all struggles will end once we die. We have proof that there is something after this life, but none of the details we seek so badly. In this episode, we examine the potential paths that a being that never dies would have to endure in a hope of shining some much-needed light on the subject. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 323: Moon Hoax Evidence

When engaging in conversations about the Moon hoax, the treasure trove of mistakes is the key the conversation going smoothly. In this episode, we review many of the heavier mistakes that were made during the seven key missions to the Moon. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 322: Fake Rise of the Left

The public is inundated with the far left or left progressive movement as if it is the only game in town. In reality, this movement is propped up my billionaire traitors like George Soros and others like him. They devote billions to their globalist movement in hopes that the public will buy the idea that this demented “group think” is indeed the populous opinion of reality. It isn’t. In this episode, we expose the weak fabric that is this Satanistic, pedophile packed group of people that want the absurd to become commonplace. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 321: Why Fake Space?

As one unravels the multitude of evidence that space agencies around the world have engaged in deceptive portrayals of space footage, the question arises: why fake space? Why not put stars in ISS shots? Roasters in space? Is it because they can’t achieve an accurate representation of the stars in a square studio? Or is it something else deeper? In this episode, we examine the potential causes. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 320: Federal Reserve Collapse

Since 1913, America has been controlled by a cabal of banker families that have pawned off a Ponzi scheme of fiat currency. Since America has been accruing a National Debt that is impossible to repay. Those who discover this conspiracy ask the next question of how to stop this madness. In this episode, we examine the rumors of the Federal Reserve’s impending doom under the Trump presidency. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 319: People Before Us

Most of us are aware that we are the hand-me-down robots of the traditions and cultural norms of the people before us. In this episode, we examine the impact of clarifying this historical truth and by making this minor distinction, we can take control of our lives. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 318: Return of the Hero

More than six decades ago, it was decided by the ruling class that the world was no longer going to be allowed to have heroes. An individual that operated outside of the narratives of fake news and global agendas. With the recent changes in America, this sanction might be lifted by the people. In this episode, we look at the qualities of a hero and how we might already possess the qualifications to effect much-needed change to re-engineer the world to a sovereign place it should have always been. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 316: Battle for Reality

There are several schools of thought when it comes to where we are. Some choose to believe we are infinitely insignificant hosted on an infinitely small dot on an infinitely small dot. Others believe we are the center of attention to those who created us hosted in a snow globe of sociological spirituality. Others believe we are merely binary bits blitting around a memory card in a disciplined MMO. In this episode, we look at the pros and cons of these three specific paradigms of existence. Enjoy.