Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 214: Deep State

The Earth is controlled by a government that works hard to stay unnoticed. The golden brick road leads to the banking wizards that manipulate ever turn of the political, financial, and military power. For the first time, we’ve been able to expose their existence. Be sure to keep the ball rolling.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 213: Are Aliens Demons?

There is a new theory infecting alien studies. The religious devotees have mapped their paradigm onto extraterrestrials. The unexplained are now cast away as demons. The scapegoating has no limits. In this episode, we look at the logic of such assertions. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 212: Rollerball 1975

An epic prophecy of what could be. Corporations have replaced nations. The only surviving game in town is called Rollerball. Released in 1975, this film was 100 years ahead of its time. James Caan captures the role of Jonathan E., the best Rollerballer in the world who is being asked to retire for fear of teaching the world that the power of the individual can prevail. In this episode, we review the message that is so often feared by our controllers. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 207: Gravity

Gravity is one of the most mysterious forces according to main stream scientists, but did you know that over 100 years ago, the initial pioneers of electricity knew exactly what it was? In this episode, we explore the Aetherial model of gravity. A simple explanation that a child can understand. Enjoy.