Deep Thoughts Episode 300: Syd Mead

Syd Mead is a living legend in the world of futuristic design. I’ve been privileged to work with Syd for the better part of 20 years. In this final episode of season three, I cover many of the facets that make Syd’s mind a bonafide treasure for the world. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Special Report: Mandela Effect P2

It’s official, the world isn’t what we think it is. Based on a user comment on YouTube, the famous inventor of the cotton gin Mr. Eli Whitney is for some now a white man who graduated from Yale University and not as it was for some of us a black slave who’s irony was that he formerly picked cotton. What does this mean? Is the universe as serious as we think it it is? Is it as terminal as some fear? Your humble narrator no longer believes this is the case. Perhaps many of the unexplained phenomena of the universe are mere cracks in the official closed minded consciousness that is so revered as humanity. Let’s discuss.

Deep Thoughts Ep 10: Expressing Yourself

This episode is about controlling your inside desires through intentional expression. The inverse theory is to bottle up your emotions and lose an opportunity to control who you become. Expressing yourself can be subtle, and it can be explosive. You decide…but do decide…intentionally.