Deep Thoughts Episode 265: Do We Need AI?

The subject of artificial intelligence is always regarded as an obligatory eventuality, but is it? In this episode, we examine the implications of usurping man’s ability to function and what consequences will arise from this evolution. Enjoy.

Richie Montgomery

Deep Thoughts Episode 258: The Multiverse

Does the universe have the ability to support more than one instance of reality? Are there more than one instances of the universe that interact with ours? Does the CERN HLC affect this fabric? In this episode, we examine some fundamentals of this theory and their possible abilities to associate with one another. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Episode 257: Sovereign Slavery

Sovereignty and slavery are to be opposing concepts and yet travel hand in hand for our entire lifetimes. We attempt to be free by defining our dependencies to that which we accept as our loves. In this episode, we explore the finer points of what these two concepts really mean. Enjoy.