DTR SR: Leaving Neverland Debunked?

Initially the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland looks extremely convincing. After further analysis, it would appear that the evidence dictates otherwise. In this episode, we examine many of the inconsistencies of both Wade Robson and James Safechuck. Enjoy.

DTR SR: Leaving Neverland (1 of 2)

The HBO documentary Leaving Neverland puts forth that Michael Jackson engaged in inappropriate relations with two boys Wade Robson and James Safechuck. In this episode, we examine the initial reactions to the claims and whether or not we have two penalties for those we love and those we don’t know. In part two, we will examine the many inconsistencies in both men’s stories. Enjoy.

DTR Ep 357: NASA Coming Clean on Moon Hoax

At some point NASA has to come clean. It can a radical surprise, or someone could take the initiative to gradually reveal this to the public. It is time that NASA and the US government start the process. In this episode, we examine a calm rational strategy for doing just this. Enjoy.

DTR Ep 356: Is JFK Jr Alive?

For the last year, a rumor has been accumulating speed that the son of John F Kennedy, JFK Jr was required to fake his death to avoid a hit that had been put on his life for interfering with a particular candidate running for the New York Senate. In this episode, we look at photographic evidence that this indeed may be true. Enjoy.

DTR Ep 355: The Strawman

In the eyes of the ruling class, you are not a human, you are a piece of paper, a “person” in corporate form. From birth, you are sold to the ruling class. Your birth certificate is a receipt of sale at zero cost to them. In this episode, we discuss this age old technique of surrendering your children to a system that treats your life like cattle. Enjoy.

DTR Ep 353: Planets & Flat Earth

For most of the sleeping population, planets are simply what they tell us in school. For folks that believe that the world is flat, the debate is yet to be solved. Are they globes in space put there by the Jesuit order to deceive YouTubers? Did the Jesuits exist from the beginning of time to deceive all the monkeys from the trees? In this episode, we review the issue from several angles. Enjoy.