Deep Thoughts Ep 87: Predictive Programming

The powers that be want to convince you that they can predict your behavior to the extent they will have the right to apprehend you in the middle of the night and charge you with crimes you’re going to commit. Given that these same organizations can’t balance a budget or run a single country on this planet well, we need to beware of this ever-growing falsehood. Today we discuss pre-crime and other dangers related to predictive programming.

Deep Thoughts Special Report: Mandela Effect P2

It’s official, the world isn’t what we think it is. Based on a user comment on YouTube, the famous inventor of the cotton gin Mr. Eli Whitney is for some now a white man who graduated from Yale University and not as it was for some of us a black slave who’s irony was that he formerly picked cotton. What does this mean? Is the universe as serious as we think it it is? Is it as terminal as some fear? Your humble narrator no longer believes this is the case. Perhaps many of the unexplained phenomena of the universe are mere cracks in the official closed minded consciousness that is so revered as humanity. Let’s discuss.

Deep Thoughts Ep 86: Law Of Attraction

This episode is about aligning your thoughts with the frequency of success that you desire most. In the past, we’ve concluded that gaining a vivid grasp of where we are now is how to get to a new location of where we want to be. This episode suggests the opposite. To create a vision of your dream world, your dream lifestyle, and to begin living in it now mentally as to attract your destiny directly to it. Manifest your destiny through the most powerful mechanism we’re aware of…thought. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Ep 84: Everything

People worry about everything. The Truth scares them. This episode is about dealing with the overwhelming intake of new knowledge that paints the universe as a yet unexplored destination. There is a calm that can be achieved, and this is the episode where we delve into that method. Join the eye of the storm where we’ve set up nice comfortable chairs to bond, share, and hive mind serenity. Sleep tonight as if everything is actually okay because it is. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Ep 83: Politics

Capitalism, socialism, and communism…the three forms of primary government that feeds the consciousness of mankind. Do we really understand how these forms of government evolved organically? This episode takes you through an example of a remote island with a people trying to form the best government possible for their evolving population. We then overlay this story onto the world today. We all want a better world, but is it better to evolve? Or revolt? Which form of government has stood the test of time? Which are yet to ever prove themselves out? Let’s discuss.

Deep Thoughts Ep 82: Suicide

We all struggle with depression, but more than that, we rarely tell anyone if we’re having suicidal feelings. This episode provides a private session of the stages of suicide, how to recognize its happening to you, and several methods to defeat its power over you.

Deep Thoughts Ep 81: Transhumanism

The age of computer and man has arrived. Scientists swept away by intense curiosity will integrate all things unnatural into the human mind and body. Can we survive this transformation? Will we create the next protein virus? Or will we become Gods???? Let’s discuss.

Deep Thoughts Ep 80: Origins Of Man

We are taught that we have methods to accurately date the origins of man, but as the internet shares new previously untaught concepts about dating materials, and the inventions of man that drastically pre-date today, we now know that we’ve been lied to. I think it’s time to reconsider everything. Let’s discuss.

Deep Thoughts Ep 79: The Answer

What’s the answer to life the universe and everything? I have a very simple take. Do we live for heaven? Science and exploration? All the above? Or something entirely different? This episode is guaranteed to ruffle some religious feathers, but we have to keep the subject matter real as they say. Let’s discuss.

Deep Thoughts Ep 78: Revolution

We are raised to believe that all necessary revolutions are in our past as to ensure that the corrupt leaders of our time are never displaced from power. Nearly every government on Earth has lost fear of its citizens. Sociopathic psychotics are tucked into the most coveted positions. Over the last half-century, no law or statute has been passed to help the people. More taxes, more war, more suffering, more economic booms, and busts have become to be mainstream life of humans. The unthinkable horror of government-sponsored terrorist acts occur daily to benefit the few bankers at the top. It is time that we hive mind change. It is time that we re-educate those who would desire to serve the people, just what that position entails. Let’s discuss.