Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 236: Remote Viewing

In the early 1970s, the CIA launched project Stargate. A top-secret project to counter the existing remote viewing abilities of our Russian comrades. Over the course of a couple decades, claims that normal individuals can be trained to see anything anywhere in the world and anywhere in the universe. In this episode, we look at the claims and compare them to make other theories found in Deep Thoughts Radio. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 235: People Worshipping

The population is overburdened with stressful financial mechanisms. In this chaos, we have traditionally leaned on our scholars to gain insight into complex political matters. Today, our mentors are paid shills, celebrities with too much time on their hands, or professors who’ve never experienced the real world of corporate objectives. In this episode, we explore who these people are, and how we can retake our minds in the midst of fake news narratives. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 231: Technology Of The Mind

We are always concerned about the overt technologies that control us physically but do we ever examine the technological implications of viral dogma? Of Propaganda? In this episode, we review some basic concepts of how to police our own minds from outside invaders. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 229: Cigars