Deep Thoughts Ep 67: Voter Fraud & Bilderbergs

We are brought up to think that our votes count, but we’ve forgotten one fact of life: the wealthiest people on Earth don’t allow peasants to determine their futures. Therefore, all voting is fixed. Learn how deep this rabbit hole goes. Learn about the headhunting agency that hires and fires all world leaders and has since 1954. The group that was denied existing by all mass media for the first 50 years of existence until in 2004 when their CEO took an on-camera interview…the Bilderbergs. They control your world. Learn the rules of how they steal your sovereignty.

Deep Thoughts Ep 66: Fanboys

There is an epidemic of absurdity festering in the world…the invention of the Fanboy. The inertial force that holds progress back. The anti-innovation mindset that attempts to deny the future its existence. This episode is about this epidemic, the need to identify it, crush it, ridicule it, and get the better world we all seek. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Ep 65: Cern LHC Conspiracies

What is the CERN LHC or Large Hadron Collider? How does it work? What are they trying to do? This episode covers the basics of the science, the goals, and the concerns of both fellow scientists, and the religious Christians who believe we might be playing with the end of reality. From creating a portal to another universe to escaping demons or aliens, we go over all the essentials required to have educated conversations about all the above. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Ep 62: Parenting

One area of life that doesn’t come with a brochure is parenting. Some of us have elders that help, others try to study successful parents, and some of us simply make every mistake in the book. This extended episode is geared at discussing the entire concept from what it means to be a parent to become the best parent we can be. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Ep 61: LSD

It’s the most demonized drug in the world, yet pales in comparison to everything over the counter. The drug the expands the mind and teaches humans the full concept of tolerance and love…LSD isn’t a gateway drug, can’t be abused, and wears off the more you take it. In this episode, we discuss two trips in great detail. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Ep 60: Alcoholism

As the pressures of a chaotic world weigh down on societies shoulders, so too do the needs of the individual to exhaust those stresses. Alcohol has become a spreading disease of the boom and bust era. False expectations of a winning lottery ticker solving all lives problems. We have to preoccupy our lives with goals that are deeply rooted in our souls so that we may displace this disease from our lives. Let’s discuss.

Deep Thoughts Ep 58: Mars Mission Hoax

NASA is attempting to develop Hollywood assets to fake yet another interplanetary mission. This time to Mars. With completely new technology they are neglecting the most obvious test…going to the Moon once again. Since NASA faked the Moon missions, lost the schematics for the Saturn 5 rocket, lost the Moon rocks, recorded over the original footage of the Moon mission, and everything else to conceal their fakery, we have to assume that any reports of being on Mars has always been fake, and that any claim to go there in the next century will also be a hoax without a massive surge in above ground technology to shield astronauts from the radiation of Earth and space. In this episode, we delve into the black and white evidence that reveals their techniques.