Deep Thoughts Ep 23: Being Intense

Are you intense and your friends and family don’t get it? Then this episode is for you. If you’re success driven, this is for you. We cover how to deal with resistance on many levels. How to identify allies and enemies of success. How to pursue your goals, and how to make new ones if you’ve missed them all.

Deep Thoughts Ep 22: How They Spy On You

We know they’re spying on us. We know it’s illegal, but do we know exactly how they do it? In this episode, we cover numerous methods that are both obvious and completely unspoken. Find out why it’s important to protect your data even if you’re a good person.

Deep Thoughts Ep 21: Do Aliens Exist?

Do aliens exist? Was Roswell real? This Deep Thoughts discusses several aspects of the entire issue. Did we get technology from alien spacecraft? Is Planet X real? Along with personal accounts of potential alien contact, and eyewitness testimony from friends and family. This special two-hour episode is packed with content and debate.