Deep Thoughts Ep 35: Money

This episode covers the mental regiment and eternal constraints of living for money verses life. We discuss where money comes from, how methods developed over history, the historical capture of America by the banking cartels of Europe, and one method of replacing it all.

Deep Thoughts Ep 31: Energy

This episode discusses the many frauds around guilt tripping society when it comes to energy choices. We discuss all standard forms of energy creation, the true source of oil, and the notoriously brilliant Stanley Meyers who invented and successfully installed a hydrogen fracturing engine for your car that ran on tap water.

Deep Thoughts Ep 30: Magna Carta

You aren’t who you think you are. You don’t have the rights you think you have. There is a history to this lunacy, and this episode is about that history. Join us as we trace the evolution of man’s faceplant into tyranny. Learn about man’s first attempt at rediscovering those freedoms under Britain’s Magna Carta, America’s Constitution, and the corporate Strawman that has now enslaved us through mental conditioning and legalese. You are sovereign. You have the right to be free. Let’s work together to deprogram man from those who use deception as their tool to dominate.