Deep Thoughts Episode 243: Cults

Cults used to be exclusive to secret societies, but are now a common day thread in the fabric of manipulating individuals out of money, time, and happiness. In this episode, we discuss the various subdermal factors that come with these vicious entities. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Episode 242: Cultural Violence

Violence is a medium of entertainment in the modern age. We pay for it. We thrive on it, and we get depressed if there isn’t more to ingest. However, it wasn’t always this way. In this episode, we discuss the utter penetration of violence in all things and how we can police our minds against its addiction. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Episode 241: The YouTube Phenomenon

It’s transformed our minds. It has allowed Truth to escape into the light. However, does it comes at a cost? Are we being programmed? Are we the subject of thousands of shills? Bullies? Gang-stalking? How do we ignore the manipulation and take only the progress? In this episode, we examine the implications of it all. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Episode 240: Consensus Reality

What if reality was nothing more than the consensus of all living energy? And by being so, would the internet in attempting to involuntarily create a hived mind lead to many of the anomalies that we see in the world today? Let’s discuss.