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DTR S6: Project Phoenix

Some factions believe in life from death. The burning down on the world economy to toughen up its population to remove the gluttonous many.

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DTR S6: NASA Feelings

When we externalize our identity, we place our sense of self-worth and definition in the hands of external events and the perceptions of others. This dependency can lead to a fragile self-identity that is constantly influenced and potentially disrupted by…

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DTR S6: ISS Real or Hoax?

Virtually all the footage from the International Space Station has some tell-tell sign that the people in the videos are not in space. So what gives? In this episode, we review all the modules, their purposes and the official explanations…

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DTR S6: Moon Hoax Recap Part Deux 2024

Given the sheer volume of information to review, here is a part two of the discussion I hope you enjoy.

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DTR S6: Moon Hoax Recap 2024

Bart Sibrel continues his quest to wake up the world to the truth. We review many aspects of the best smoking guns. Enjoy.

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DTR S6: Shadow Beings

In this episode, we explore the idea that other beings could be living off an ecosystem of human emotions. We examine this concept in detail and discuss how to avoid becoming a surrogate for these entities, which could lead to…

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DTR S6: Brainstorm Movie 1983

In 1983, a film released to limited reception. It stars Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood, Louise Fletcher and Cliff Roberson to name a few. Directed by Doug Trumbull, the legendary effects god from 2001: A Space Odyssey, this film portrays a…

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DTR S6: Future Matrix

A world is coming to a point where reality will simulate real-time. Discerning what is real and what is fictional will forever be a blurred line until the power goes out. In this episode, we review the implications of the…

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DTR S6: Obsolete Man

In 1961, Twilight Zone aired an episode called “The Obsolete Man.” Within the confines of this 22 minutes is contained more applicable cautions about our times than all the fiction aired since. In this episode, we review the crucial in…

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