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DTR S6: Falling Tree Syndrome

With each introduction of medium, we become more docile and subservient to its illusion. We have transformed our minds from focusing on our sphere’s of influence to the ludicrously large spectrum of all events in all sectors of the world….

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DTR S6: The Linear Mind

It is clear that some humans lack the ability to see time. Through the use of cell phones, tv, and film, they have lost the ability to see the world as it truly evolves. In this episode, we examine the…

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DTR S6: AI Humans

Has the ChatGPT engine taught us something about the human mind that hints at a possible likeness of function? Like a computer with an ongoing power supply and functional code not unlike the unconscious mind that thinks all day long…

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DTR S6: Harvesting Crazy

The world has gone mad. The challenges for the mind exceed the average man’s ability to process and make sense out of reality. Those in control are rolling their hands in delight with the results. In this episode, we examine…

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DTR S6: Corporate Personalities

They want you to believe they’re your friend. They don’t. They want you to believe they carry your “flag.” They don’t. They want you to believe that without them, you wouldn’t be safe. You are. In this episode, we expose…

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DTR The Contradiction of Gravity

The debate around the existence and method of gravity is far more profound than most people realize. The doors that this key understanding unlocks are quite literally the key to the universe. It reveals everything about how our reality is…

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DTR S6: Remembering the Future

Could we steal from our past the constraints that kept us more in tune with our true selves? Through deep recall of our states of mind from yesterday, we can itemize the emotions and chemical conditions that kept us ideal…

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DTR S6: Cities of Demise

Pop culture has brainwashed us to lust for the big city life as if it were an accomplishment of social development when the inverse is actually the truth. Where the rural communities thrive with smaller populations and accountability, the big…

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Come to Telegram

Due to Facebook’s recent decision to close our Deep Thoughts group, we’re finally making the official move to Telegram. We know that many of you have had marginal experiences with Telegram in the past, but it has been our experience…

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