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DTR S6 Bonus: Royal Raymond Rife

The story of Royal Raymond Rife is the medical equivalent of Nikola Tesla. Using a microscope of his own invention, he was able to see sub-micron beings inside the human body that are responsible for all physical illnesses in the…

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DTR S6 EP 547: Fighting Cancer

The man-made illness known as cancer is a daily factor of life today. Trillion-dollar businesses have been constructed around this business. In this episode, we explore several successful alternative treatments to survive this plague. Enjoy.

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DTR Ep 376: How To Fight Cancer

Cancer is a man-made condition. The same corporations that poison you control your treatments. The industry is BIG money and the cures and nowhere in sight. In this episode, we review multiple regiments that have proven cures for thousands. Enjoy.

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DTR Ep 195: Toxins

The world is full of toxins that didn’t exist just 100 year earlier. Man has been convinced by corrupt medical institutions that every illness is natural and part of your bad DNA. In this episode, we expose the fraud and…

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DTR Ep 118: GMO Foods

Genetically Modified Foods are pure cancer. They are untested in relation to how long man has been eating food safely and organically. However, most people have no idea what GMO means. The food industry, supermarkets, and the governments globally are…

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DTR Ep 56: Big Pharma

All corporations have the same priority; money. No pharmaceutical company on earth has your health as their top goal. They never attempt to cure anything despite countless fundraisers claiming to do just that. Innovation in treatments is also down because…

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