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Don’t Fall For Propaganda T-Shirt

The world is at an epic level of propaganda. We need tools to fight back, to start conversations. Those who get it will get it. Those who don’t will ask.

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Laugh People Awake!

Propaganda - T-Shirt

Waking people up can be a lot more entertaining than an argument. Get these babies and laugh folks awake!

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Trigger a Fanboy!

Really? T-Shirt

The junker box better known as the Apollo Lunar Lander was built out of tent poles and scraps lying around NASA’s film backlot. It only had to convince a budding Buck Rogers audience into thinking it was “scientific!” With this…

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New Shirt Designs Season 5!

DTR 2019.01 SPORTSMODEL T-SHIRT This Season 5 T-Shirt design features the first edition of the DTR 2019.01 SportModel UFO. Having this design will prove that you were there when the ship made first contact. I LIKE UFOS / DEEP THOUGHTS…

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