Deep Thoughts Episode 254: 5G Dangers

EMF or Electro Magnetic Frequencies are the cause of many illnesses that cut short the life of citizens globally. Our homes, businesses, and schools are saturated with billions of times more than healthy levels. The FCC currently does not employ a single doctor associated with this cause and effect cancerous technology and rely 100% on papers bought and paid for by the corporations that make trillions off this technology. In this episode, we review the health risks and cover the impending 5G cellular networks that will be deployed every two houses. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Ep 56: Big Pharma

All corporations have the same priority; money. No pharmaceutical company on earth has your health as their top goal. They never attempt to cure anything despite countless fundraisers claiming to do just that. Innovation in treatments is also down because there is a new game in town…preventive medicine. Vaccines are here to rot your brain, make you sick for life, thus forcing you right back into their evil ecosystem of illness with outdated therapies and shoddy medical practices. It’s time we end this cycle of brain-rotting chemicals being injected into our bodies with the fear mongering warnings that if we don’t, we’ll suddenly start dying of non-fatal illnesses. Get the scoop from this episode on how they’re run, and what their priorities really are.