DTR Ep 369: Sharing Conspiracies

We all want the world to be a better place, however. Sometimes folks need to understand the underpinnings of how the world actually operates in order to take affective action. In this episode, we reexamine the realities of this delicate process of sharing conspiracies. Enjoy.

DTR Ep 365: Victors of History

The assumption is that the victors are by default the good guys, but what if they weren’t? What if the history is being written by those who rule over us, and that that history is designed to manipulate us into feeling either superior or inferior to each other? In this episode, we examine the case studies of these very deeds. Enjoy.

DTR Ep 363: Myths of Getting Old

When we’re young we have a notion that pure physical aging will yield wisdom. As the years pass, we come to understand that raw experience tested is the only way this wisdom arrives. In this episode, we examine the many myths with this “automatic” process. Enjoy.