Deep Thoughts Ep 56: Big Pharma

All corporations have the same priority; money. No pharmaceutical company on earth has your health as their top goal. They never attempt to cure anything despite countless fundraisers claiming to do just that. Innovation in treatments is also down because there is a new game in town…preventive medicine. Vaccines are here to rot your brain, make you sick for life, thus forcing you right back into their evil ecosystem of illness with outdated therapies and shoddy medical practices. It’s time we end this cycle of brain-rotting chemicals being injected into our bodies with the fear mongering warnings that if we don’t, we’ll suddenly start dying of non-fatal illnesses. Get the scoop from this episode on how they’re run, and what their priorities really are.

Deep Thoughts Ep 55: The Alien Promise

Man is utterly fascinated with the potential of meeting extraterrestrial beings from another world, but what is man expecting to gain from such an encounter? In this episode, we delve into the promise of an alien visitation. Is man worthy of being gifted with leaps in technology? What would aliens think of planet Earth in the 21st century? Let’s discuss this deeply.

Deep Thoughts Ep 54: Greed

It’s the one fault in man that destroys the world, but what is it really? We all know it comes in many flavors, and that we all suffer from its temptation. This episode is about controlling this viral disease within ourselves, and to understand where it exists in the world, and how it causes others to take the rights that are ours

Deep Thoughts Ep 51: Flat Earth Theory

The internet is a ablaze with the resurgence of flat earth theory. The educational system of the world has so deteriorated that common knowledge of science has robbed us of the ability to look at things from multiple angles. Today we discuss theories that indicate the world is round, but also delve into the questions that are left unanswered that seem to give credibility to the flat earth theory.

Deep Thoughts Ep 50: The Unknown

The irony of existence is dealing with not knowing what we are. Man supplants this dilemma with pseudo theories in order to satiate the mind. This episode dives into those replacements and perhaps adds more tools to evaluate them before living a life entirely in the fictitious.

Deep Thoughts Ep 49: War

We have allowed the world to devolve into a constant chain of wars. We believe our central problems are foreign countries when it’s our leaders who crash our economies and gut our educational institutions lie about nearly the facts leading up to conflicts that kill thousands of our sons and daughters. It’s time we stood on our own two brain cells and put an end to the death Colosseum that is used to preoccupy the feeble minded. Let’s talk deeply about war.

Deep Thoughts Ep 48: Giving

The universe is a collaborative effort. Giving reminds us of what we have, and what we’ve been privileged to acquire. Giving is a mechanism to recycle our excess, to help our fellow man, and to show the world what kind of person we really are. It also increases our opportunities in life. This episode goes into detail about those methods. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Ep 47: Making Decisions

We do it every second of every day, but who has ever taken us aside and taught us how to make sure we’re making the best decisions we can? This episode dissects some of the methods used by businesses to increase our ability to live happily ever after. Enjoy.