Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 207: Gravity

Gravity is one of the most mysterious forces according to main stream scientists, but did you know that over 100 years ago, the initial pioneers of electricity knew exactly what it was? In this episode, we explore the Aetherial model of gravity. A simple explanation that a child can understand. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 205: Cowardice

The world needs real men more than ever, but pop-culture is breeding anything but. This episode reviews the ever growing population of men who are all talk and no action. It’s time to raise soldiers of freedom and justice so that we can rebuild our planet. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 204: Chemtrails Are Real

There is little left for debate now that several governments around the world have announced plans to spray the atmosphere with aluminum oxide. The reasons are unanimously a lie. Health officials outside of those lying about them are issuing warnings to everyones health. Breathing nano-sized aluminum causes dementia and Alzheimers.