Deep Thoughts Episode 247: Expanding Earth

This visual and logical understanding of how the Earth exists in the ecosystem of the universe explains a great deal that has been either never discovered, or coveted by oil and energy companies that want to keep your understanding of how things work subverted. In this episode, we go through the various causes of expanding earth and review the evidence you’ve seen your entire life. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Episode 246: Consumerism

Based on the notion that one can externalize happiness, buying things one doesn’t need is the bane of modern existence. Resources are wasted on promises that never come true. In this episode, we examine what it means to get what you need and live a simplified live of true internal value. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Episode 244: Cultural Racism

We all know that the color of a person’s skin is only a marker to your assumptions about their cultural norms. Racism is the cloudy hatred that develops in this mezzanine of ignorance. In this episode, we examine the need to pull back from normal triggers and simply judge individuals based on their personal performance. Enjoy.