DTR Ep 383: NASA 2024 Moon Mission

So NASA is going back to the Moon? And nearly NO ONE knows it. Why is that? Could it be this is yet another fake promise to go? Will Elon Musk ride on the outside having forgotten his commitment to go to Mars personally in 2018? In this episode, we review the absurd claims that NASA is not only going back to the Moon in four years, but never leaving. Enjoy.

DTR Ep 382: Planet X

Largely out of the picture these days, a conspiracy theory hatched in 1995 ran its course making predictions of the end of the world. It rode on the tail-feathers of the great 2012 lie. Planet X promised meteors that would reset all life on Earth. In this episode, we examine how these baseless conspiracies gain such a foothold in the minds of man. Enjoy.

DTR Ep 381: Reverse Engineering Truth

When sharing alterations in history, people want to know who what where and how. It is the burden of the messenger to decipher all the above. Where there are holes, the story’s integrity suffers. In this episode, we examine the process of struggling through the fact checking deductive thinking and social struggles in passing on this information. Enjoy.