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DTR Ep 148: Do Atomic Bombs Exist?

Some question the existence of atomic bombs. They say it’s nothing more than TNT silos being detonated and claimed to be fueled by fission reactions due to volatile elements being crushed. In this episode, we examine the evidence of these…

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DTR Ep 134: Roswell UFO Crash 1947

The mysterious crash of 1947 in Roswell New Mexico on July 8th, 1947 has allured citizens and scientists for decades, but did it really happen? What is the evidence to support the story? In this episode we take a deep…

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DTR Ep 101: MK Ultra

Many have asked “What is MK Ultra?” This episode delves into the mysterious program once conducted by the US government to achieve the ultimate in mind control. This is a tale of one Cathy O’Brien who claims to have been…

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DTR Ep 97: Arcades

There used to be a time when mankind congregated together in real-life. One such era involved the amazing destination known as the Arcade. This episode is a walk down memory lane to revere the amazing experience created by brilliant game…

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DTR Ep 73: The 1980s

One of the revered decades of the United States history is the 1980s. Packed with great film, music, culture, and hope, this era is sadly long since past. In this episode, we take a walk down the thought structure of…

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DTR Ep 30: Magna Carta

You aren’t who you think you are. You don’t have the rights you think you have. There is a history to this lunacy, and this episode is about that history. Join us as we trace the evolution of man’s faceplant…

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DTR Ep 27: Ancient Egypt

Join us this episode as we cover some of the intriguing factors of ancient Egypt. From the Pyramids being giant power stations, to the evolution of hieroglyphs, to some of the methods to suppression world history. Enjoy!

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