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DTR S6: Tartarian Concepts and More

With each new theory online comes a wave of old theories that have been largely disregarded. The Tartarian movement is a valuable group of individuals attempting to reconstruct our lost and revised history. In this episode, we cover many aspects…

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DTR S6: Real-Time Dreaming

Dream “specialist” tell you the boldface lie that we only dream during the REM or Random Eye Movement phase of our evenings. As most of us know, we dream continuous stories if we dream at all. In this episode, we…

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DTR S6: Alien Compassion

Many have claimed to have been abducted over the years. The stories vary widely. In this episode, we explore the question as to whether or not they are benevolent or hostile. Enjoy.

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DTR S6: AI Threats Dec 2023

Every day the technology gets more powerful exponentially. In this episode, we review Chat GPT and Gemini, their differences, and how they could effect all of us. Enjoy.

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DTR S5: Moon Preparations (Archive)

Pulled from the archives. This episode had major technical issues. Hopefully the content is valuable.

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DTR S6: Paradigms of Perception

In this episode, we delve into the art of human communication, acknowledging that each individual’s unique life experiences shape their perceptions and beliefs. These personal belief systems act as filters, influencing how we absorb and process information. We’ll explore the…

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DTR S6: Andromeda Strain (1971)

In 1971, a film released written by the legendary Michael Crichton called Andromeda Strain. This important film took the public down a path of how the military handles deadly substances. Claimed to be a legitimate crisis in the film’s credits,…

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DTR S6: Finding Earth

Commercial tell-a-vision discusses how long it takes aliens to reach Earth, but seldom do they discuss why or how their vehicles would work. With the rumors of a fake alien invasion as a play in the book of controllers, we…

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DTR S6: THX 1138

The creator of the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas, released his first prophetic file in 1971 entitled THX 1138. A bold exploration of an Earth taken over by the global elite that rules over a working class fascist society relegated…

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DTR S6: Word of Mouth

One of the long-lost powers of humanity is word of mouth. A ceremony of communing with another human being can be a way to tell them you appreciate them or to gain insights into their world. In this episode, we…

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