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DTR Ep 105: The Age Of Robotics

The Age Of Robotics has been upon us for decades, but it’s about to go into overdrive. Are we ready? Have we had the basic conversations about how these additions to our lives might impact our development as humans? In…

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DTR Ep 104: Alien Invasion Hoax

Bonnie Holmes, Wernher von Braun’s secretary claimed that he warned her about a planned alien invasion hoax. On December 4th 1985, Ronald Reagan talked for an alien invasion uniting man. The internet hasn’t forgotten this possible threat, but has anyone…

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DTR Ep 90: What Is Virtual Reality

The new buzz is Virtual Reality. In this video, we cover its history, where it’s going today, and how it’s created. From cameras, to shot composition, to resolution and post-production gotchas, we take the first deep dive into the industry.

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DTR Ep 88: Mind Control

If you think your thoughts are yours, think again. The world has become a cloudy battleground for your thoughts and opinions. Either by sheer repetition, injected story themes, or complex electrical mechanisms, your thoughts are programmed. Your picture of the…

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DTR Ep 81: Transhumanism

The age of computer and man has arrived. Scientists swept away by intense curiosity will integrate all things unnatural into the human mind and body. Can we survive this transformation? Will we create the next protein virus? Or will we…

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DTR Ep 76: Post PC Era

Probably the most dangerous era of our time. The post PC era will erase man’s ability to be anything other than a mindless consumer. The removal and demonetization of desktop computers will ensure that future generations are limited yet further…

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DTR Ep 66: Fanboys

There is an epidemic of absurdity festering in the world…the invention of the Fanboy. The inertial force that holds progress back. The anti-innovation mindset that attempts to deny the future its existence. This episode is about this epidemic, the need…

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DTR Ep 64: Building A UFO

This episode takes a simple journey down the path of what would need to be considered in creating an interstellar UFO craft. Based on several existing theories and some new ideas, we go through the basics of pulling this off….

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DTR Ep 56: Big Pharma

All corporations have the same priority; money. No pharmaceutical company on earth has your health as their top goal. They never attempt to cure anything despite countless fundraisers claiming to do just that. Innovation in treatments is also down because…

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DTR Ep 22: How They Spy On You

We know they’re spying on us. We know it’s illegal, but do we know exactly how they do it? In this episode, we cover numerous methods that are both obvious and completely unspoken. Find out why it’s important to protect…

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