Deep Thoughts Episode 255: Cyclical UFOs

Most of us dabble in UFO research from time to time, but what about those who claim to have seen them? Is there a cycle in which this phenomenon occurs? In this episode, we review the sightings both famous and not so famous to determine whether or not this is a psychology upgrade that allows us to see what it otherwise unseen. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Episode 254: 5G Dangers

EMF or Electro Magnetic Frequencies are the cause of many illnesses that cut short the life of citizens globally. Our homes, businesses, and schools are saturated with billions of times more than healthy levels. The FCC currently does not employ a single doctor associated with this cause and effect cancerous technology and rely 100% on papers bought and paid for by the corporations that make trillions off this technology. In this episode, we review the health risks and cover the impending 5G cellular networks that will be deployed every two houses. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Episode 248: The 100 Year Theory

There are often discussions of how far the military-industrial complex is ahead in terms of technology, but what if our true captures are at least 100 years ahead of us? Imagine the computer graphics of today captivating and writing “reality” for humans just 50 years ago? Would anyone know the difference? Now double that. In this episode, we will submit that it’s very possible and that through coveting knowledge a simple 100-year advantage could lead to a completely different reality. Technology, medicine, science and most of all history could give any secret society the upper hand forever. Enjoy.

Project Disclosure Video: (soldier seeing future vehicles)

Deep Thoughts Episode 247: Expanding Earth

This visual and logical understanding of how the Earth exists in the ecosystem of the universe explains a great deal that has been either never discovered, or coveted by oil and energy companies that want to keep your understanding of how things work subverted. In this episode, we go through the various causes of expanding earth and review the evidence you’ve seen your entire life. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 236: Remote Viewing

In the early 1970s, the CIA launched project Stargate. A top-secret project to counter the existing remote viewing abilities of our Russian comrades. Over the course of a couple decades, claims that normal individuals can be trained to see anything anywhere in the world and anywhere in the universe. In this episode, we look at the claims and compare them to make other theories found in Deep Thoughts Radio. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 228: Infinite Senses

We are defined by them. We are told we entirely understand them. Within a universe of the infinite, we are constantly told we are finite. In this episode, we explore the relationship between infinity and the senses. Enjoy.

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