Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 236: Remote Viewing

In the early 1970s, the CIA launched project Stargate. A top-secret project to counter the existing remote viewing abilities of our Russian comrades. Over the course of a couple decades, claims that normal individuals can be trained to see anything anywhere in the world and anywhere in the universe. In this episode, we look at the claims and compare them to make other theories found in Deep Thoughts Radio. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 228: Infinite Senses

We are defined by them. We are told we entirely understand them. Within a universe of the infinite, we are constantly told we are finite. In this episode, we explore the relationship between infinity and the senses. Enjoy.

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Deep Thoughts Radio Ep 204: Chemtrails Are Real

There is little left for debate now that several governments around the world have announced plans to spray the atmosphere with aluminum oxide. The reasons are unanimously a lie. Health officials outside of those lying about them are issuing warnings to everyones health. Breathing nano-sized aluminum causes dementia and Alzheimers.