Deep Thoughts Episode 286: What’s My Line?

From 1950 to 1967 a show ran on CBS called What’s My Line? In this show, it is revealed the truth about females in the workplace. For many of us, it was taught that females only recently joined the workplace as a result of the feminist movement of the 1970s. What’s My Line? defies these claims with dozens of incredibly brilliant guests who were their own bosses and equal to their male counterparts. In this episode, we examine the show, how it worked, and why you might find watching it very rewarding on many levels. Enjoy.

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Deep Thoughts Episode 285: NPCs

Some people on Earth seem inhuman in that they lack any form of humanity. From politicians, to billionaires, to scientists that conduct unthinkable experiments on man. In this episode, we examine the possible theory that some humans are merely Non-Player Characters or NPCs in an overall simulation to test man. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts SR: The Q Anon Moment

We all eagerly await the outcome of the Q Anon phenomenon, but how will the public react if even half of the claims are revealed? In this special report, we address the volatility of horrors being revealed to those who have devoted their entire lives to corruption without knowing it, and how those who are awake will react to their inability to accept reality for what it is. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Episode 273: Making it in Hollywood

Many of us have thoughts about joining the world of entertainment. As Hollywood and television and music struggle to stay profitable, one thing is for certain, things are about to change. When that change happens, opportunities will increase. In this episode, we examine the requirements of competing in one of the most volatile worlds on earth. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Episode 272: Where Are We?

There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding where we are in terms of this reality. We struggle and debate day-to-day over paradigms that have been handed down to us by history. In this episode, we take a step back and examine the fundamentals. Enjoy.