DTR SR: Leaving Neverland Debunked?

Initially the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland looks extremely convincing. After further analysis, it would appear that the evidence dictates otherwise. In this episode, we examine many of the inconsistencies of both Wade Robson and James Safechuck. Enjoy.

DTR SR: Leaving Neverland (1 of 2)

The HBO documentary Leaving Neverland puts forth that Michael Jackson engaged in inappropriate relations with two boys Wade Robson and James Safechuck. In this episode, we examine the initial reactions to the claims and whether or not we have two penalties for those we love and those we don’t know. In part two, we will examine the many inconsistencies in both men’s stories. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts SR: Chemtrail Lung

Television host Rachel Reenstra upon visiting her local Urgent Care stumbles into a doctor who reveals that her illness is what he and his associates call “Chemtrail Lung.” Rachel asks permission to film his answer. She goes on to interview him about flu shots to which he replies he doesn’t generally advise it. This interview was published on YouTube and went viral. A mob made of self-loathing shills descended from the forest of social media and began attacking everyone involved. In this episode, we discuss the impeccable integrity of Rachel and the utter lunacy of accusing those revealing a conspiracy as the very ones conducting it. Enjoy.