Category: Self Improvement

DTR Ep 89: Art & Design

A YouTube only video containing a brief tour of my past artwork. Inside are many theories of design. This is only a brief, but hopefully useful.

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DTR Ep 86: Law Of Attraction

This episode is about aligning your thoughts with the frequency of success that you desire most. In the past, we’ve concluded that gaining a vivid grasp of where we are now is how to get to a new location of…

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DTR Ep 85: Time Management

We all struggle to get the most out of life. From our careers to our families to our own beings. This episode is about that regiment that process. Ways of gearing your life for what you want, and ensuring that…

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DTR Ep 82: Suicide

We all struggle with depression, but more than that, we rarely tell anyone if we’re having suicidal feelings. This episode provides a private session of the stages of suicide, how to recognize it’s happening to you, and several methods to…

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DTR Ep 77: Ego

The reflection pool of the narcissist, our friend the ego. Today we explore what an ego really is outside of the Freudian disciplines of psychology. We look at the remaining version that plagues every human being when confidence grows unregulated….

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DTR Ep 75: Networking

Networking is a huge part of success in life. It’s also the heart of how society should function. Introducing friends and or business associates to one another can be the difference between careers, relationships, and expanding everyone’s horizons. This episode…

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DTR Ep 74: Education

The government systems are failing all children. It’s time that we get serious about protecting the fabric of the world by ensuring those that take over have the capacity to run it and run it well. In this episode, we…

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DTR Ep 70: Love

What is Love? Why is Love? In this episode, we explore the various subatomic meanings of this driving force of mankind. Do we really observe objectively what we feel and why? What would our lives be if we truly engaged…

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DTR Ep 63: Loving Yourself

The most important person in the world to love is yourself. Yet some paradigms promote a feeling of guilt at the mere concept. Let’s break free of this repressive regime.

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DTR Ep 62: Parenting

One area of life that doesn’t come with a brochure is parenting. Some of us have elders that help, others try to study successful parents, and some of us simply make every mistake in the book. This extended episode is…

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