Deep Thoughts Episode 299: Dream Development

We barely discuss our dreams with anyone. What if we did? What if we started to analyze them intensely? Would we discover something about them and ourselves? In this episode, we examine the possible effects of diving deep into our dream reality. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Episode 262: Biophotons

There is substantial proof that all living matter emits light. Brilliant inventors have also suggested that a photon is at the center of every atom. Could these two complete the ecosystem of life itself? In this episode, we examine the verb that is light and life. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Ep 146: The Dream Realm

What are the differences between “reality” and the dream realm? Why can’t we remember as easily? Why if we write things down, they become history? In this episode we look at some significant differences and tools we can use to gain a better understanding of why we sleep at all. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Ep 135: Dreamed Reality

Is reality real? Or a dream? When we dream, do we really have bodies? Or are we simply simulating them when the story demands? In this episode, we examine the elements of dreaming to determine whether or not reality is nothing more than “hard dreaming.” Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Ep 91: Dreamscaping

Why do we dream? Why does every being in the universe have to sleep? Do scientists actually understand this phenomenon, or are they simply making their best guess? In this episode we look at a completely different and much more divine purpose to sleeping; to move through planes of existence to a destination that is based on our individual will. Enjoy.