Deep Thoughts Ep 97: Arcades

There used to be a time when mankind congregated together in real-life. One such era involved the amazing destination known as the Arcade. This episode is a walk down memory lane to revere the amazing experience created by brilliant game developers of yesteryear. From Pong, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Missile Command, Star Wars, Dig Dug, Crazy Climber, and many more, we pay our respects. Enjoy.

Deep Thoughts Ep 76: Post PC Era

Probably the most dangerous era of our time. The post PC era will erase man’s ability to be anything other than a mindless consumer. The removal and demonization of desktop computers will ensure that future generations are limited yet further in their ability to find employment and live full creative productive lives. It is imperative that we demonize this shift in thinking less we be relegated to the creativity of others. Let’s discuss.

Deep Thoughts Ep 73: The 1980s

One of the revered decades of the United States history is the 1980s. Packed with great film, music, culture, and hope, this era is sadly long since past. In this episode, we take a walk down the thought structure of what it was like being one man growing up in America during this time. From the East Coast to the Midwest, to the palm tree covered West Coast boom of the late 1980s, it’s all covered. Let’s discuss.

Deep Thoughts Special Report: Stanley Kubrick Confession

If you’ve seen the video claiming to be Stanley Kubrick confession to faking the Moon missions of Apollo 11 and 13, then this video is for you. Was it real? Was it a fake? Was it Kubrick himself and somehow altered? Was it T Patrick Murray? There are many questions. Let’s discuss!

Deep Thoughts Ep 30: Magna Carta

You aren’t who you think you are. You don’t have the rights you think you have. There is a history to this lunacy, and this episode is about that history. Join us as we trace the evolution of man’s faceplant into tyranny. Learn about man’s first attempt at rediscovering those freedoms under Britain’s Magna Carta, America’s Constitution, and the corporate Strawman that has now enslaved us through mental conditioning and legalese. You are sovereign. You have the right to be free. Let’s work together to deprogram man from those who use deception as their tool to dominate.

Deep Thoughts Ep 72: Mandela Effect

Are there parallel universes? Is someone or something toying with our reality and leaving behind errors? Are we simply suffering from a mass misunderstanding? This episode discusses the phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect. From the Berenstain Bears to the Berenstein Bears, to Sex In the City versus Sex And The City, there are dozens of examples where the population of the world remembers things differently. Let’s discuss.