Category: Removed by YouTube

We have a backup channel with a full copy of our videos. YouTube has been removing our videos one-by-one due to the level TRUTH in them. Here is the list so far.

DTR Ep SR: The Great Awakening

The world is waking up. It’s taken a couple decades of global internet communication, but the effects are clearly evident now. In this episode, we review the Qanon movement and its relevance even if it turns out to be a…

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DTR SR: The Q Anon Moment

We all eagerly await the outcome of the Q Anon phenomenon, but how will the public react if even half of the claims are revealed? In this special report, we address the volatility of horrors being revealed to those who…

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DTR Ep 263: Legislated Beliefs

When a law is necessary to enforce a belief, we call that a lie.

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DTR Ep 195: Toxins

The world is full of toxins that didn’t exist just 100 year earlier. Man has been convinced by corrupt medical institutions that every illness is natural and part of your bad DNA. In this episode, we expose the fraud and…

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DTR Ep 179: UFOs

Until the time when all humans carried a 4k camera on their hips, the subject of UFO sightings provided many a commercial sponsored television shows. Like the printing press that ended all messiahs, the subject matter of UFOs has drifted…

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DTR Ep 118: GMO Foods

Genetically Modified Foods are pure cancer. They are untested in relation to how long man has been eating food safely and organically. However, most people have no idea what GMO means. The food industry, supermarkets, and the governments globally are…

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DTR Ep 78: Revolution

We are raised to believe that all necessary revolutions are in our past as to ensure that the corrupt leaders of our time are never displaced from power. Nearly every government on Earth has lost fear of its citizens. Sociopathic…

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DTR Ep 71: Depopulation

Population control is the buzzword of the century, but what is anyone doing about it? Because we aren’t intelligently engaging the conversation, we have driven the shadow governments of the world to take action. From poisons in our food supply…

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DTR Ep 69: Gun Control

Liberty is freedom from government. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States protects liberty. Guns aren’t primarily for hunting, they are for protecting oneself from a tyrannical government. In this episode, we cover the lesser views of…

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