Edward Leedskalnin was a 110 pound man from Latvia who built a multi-ton castle out of oolite stone in South Florida. He did it by himself with only minor help from workers. Edward pulled 30 to 60 ton stones off of trucks in the dead of night without assistance and without being seen. After completing his castle, he moved it some 25 miles within the decade…mostly by himself. How did this man move giant stones without the aid of cranes and within the short timespan used? Did he have a method of using aetherial currents to make rocks weigh less? He said he cracked the method of building the pyramids and offered the number 16 as a harmonic clue to his achievements. In this episode, we examine his wondrous accomplishments and link to the tale of Eric Dollard, a man still living who might be able to shed some light on the subject. Enjoy.